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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union

Welcome to the PWs@PHD Project funded by the Erasmus+ Program.

This site provides access to information about the project, the 11 participating universities as well as providing a direct access to the FASE (Forum for advancing software engineering education), a set of tools being developed as part of the project and that are accessible in the format of software as a service. FASE aims to facilitate the collaboration and exchange of expertise and knowledge between institutions and professors as well as Ph.Ds in software engineering. FASE can be seen as a way of helping organizations to develop their Ph.Ds programs as it includes resources and material from a wide range of topics in software engineering. Gradually FASE will be open to other universities and Ph.D programs in Software Engineering from EU as well as participating countries in Erasmus+.

About FASE



FASE integrates various tools for effective communication between students, professors, developers from the 11 participating Universities and industry partners.



With FASE, you can easily share your research ideas and results with colleagues while getting engaged in other research projects.



Learn about different software engineering research groups in academia and the best software development companies.



FASE gives you the needed tools to master advanced theories and practices in software engineering together with other students from all the participating universities and elsewhere.


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Joint Programs and Framework for Doctoral Education in Software Engineering

PWs@PhD is a multi-institutions, multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural PhD program in software engineering that brings together 11 universities; 4 from EU, 4 from Russia and 3 from Jordan

PWs@PhD covers the key areas of knowledge described in the SWEBOK (the Software Engineering body of Knowledge) as well as the soft skills such as technical writing, communication, collaboration in software development

PWs@PhD bridges the Ph.D programs that exists in the different participating universities in Jordan, Russia, Finland, Danemark, Germany and United Kingdom

PWds offers to the future generation of researchers, Ph.Ds and Postdoc in Software Engineering a unique opportunity to visit different universities and countries where they can discover research labs/teams and their tradition, tools and methods for engineering complex software-intensive systems

PWds builds a tighter feet between scientific research theories and the industry practices, experiences needs and priorities